Tuesday, January 23, 2007

COACHELLA 2007 --i couldnt have picked better myself--

my favorites of the list:

Friday April 27
Interpol (okay whatever)
Brazilian Girls
Peaches (“I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuck!!!!”)
Felix Da Housecat (I peed a little when I saw that‡ No.1 priority all day)
Rufus Wainwright (I’d rather it be Martha, but I’m down)
Gillian Welch (soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou, anyone?)

Saturday April 28
Red Hot Chili Peppers (okay whatever)
The Arcade Fire (they were so in the morning on a small stage 2 years ago, )
LCD Soundsystem
Blonde Redhead (depressing and delicious at the same time!!)
!!! (must hear Dear Can)
Regina Spektor (ummm YES. No.1 priority all day)
Ghostface Killah

Sunday April 29
Rage Against the Machine (okay whatever)
Manu Chao (*yay* No.1 priority all day)
Willie Nelson (if he can get to the festival without getting caught with a pound of weed…)
The Roots (must hear Star/Pointro)
Damien Rice
Lupe Fiasco (***which one of these is not like the oth-ers??***…seriously I
don’t really know what he does outside of rapping for KanYe West)
The Avett Brothers (they’re in the morning—small crowd methinks?)

April 27th is Kevin’s birthday---sounds like the best birthday weekend ever!!! If the spring musical conflicts with Coachella, I ain’t doin’ it. Ps. I am not going to flirt with death by being at the front without food or water for 12 hours/ being crushed by a 100,000 ppl like I did 2 years ago. The back sounds juuuust fine.

Things I learned from Coachella 2005:
1. If you are deprived of water in 100 degree heat, don’t worry about bathrooms, you won’t need them!
2. If you are right in front of the stage at a huge concert, you don’t really get to decide whether or not you want to mosh.
3. Bauhaus fans are insane and should be jailed.
4. Indio locals are not exactly, ahem, “sophisticated”.
5. Don’t set up your tent in the dark, because in the morning you might find that you are in the middle of a major walkway…
6. Memorize where your tent is, because they ALL LOOK THE SAME.
7. Greyhound is NOT the best way to travel.
8. Rivers Cuomo is a weird asshole.
9. Making choices about who to see at which stage can be extremely upsetting.
10. Atleast one of the nobodies scheduled for the small stages will be headlining in 2 years.
11. Bottled water is like eight bucks.
12. Nicole Richie or someone equally worthless will probably be high on vicodin sitting near you.
13. Try to look happy when one of the million of photographers at the front of the stage takes pictures of the crowd, because apparently its not cool to have a giant picture of you frowning in the UCSB newspaper.

The picture I took of Scott of Weezer at Coachella 2005 (yah we were freakin close!)


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